Saturday, July 16, 2011

three reasons

Three Reasons I enjoy hiking with Kim (vs. hiking alone):

1) When I hike alone, sometimes I tend to stumble to the left or the right. When I'm walking with Kim, I stumble directly into her and she points out how I am graceful like a deer bounding through the meadow as she tries to keep herself from falling into the canal. 

2) When I hike alone, common sense sometimes eludes me as I seek to get a great picture.  For instance, I have been followed by police/security as I photograph refineries (while on the property of said refinery), prisons (I didn't know it was still in use!), and seemingly abandoned quarries. When I hike with Kim, she says things like "that road is closed because it seems like a dangerous situation, as there are trucks with flashing lights investigating that giant plume of black smoke at the factory".  These things cause me to miss potentially great photos, but at the same time, I have also never been approached by security or police while I'm out hiking with Kim.

3) When I hike alone, sometimes I rip an article of clothing as I'm scrambling through the underbrush like a gazelle.  Sometimes this article of clothing is my pants.  And then I continue hiking,  stumbling clumsily across the path, carrying a large camera, pants flapping in the breeze.  At this point, most people keep their distance from me, as they assume that I'm missing some key elements enabling me to interact appropriately with the world.  When I hike with Kim, I don't scramble through the underbrush like a gazelle, and therefore don't rip my pants.

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  1. Ooooo - yes, Kim's hiking abilities go way back. This post makes me think of a picture I have of her that I titled "Mountain Goat Kim." Will have to do some searching now... (Beautiful picture, by the way)